VICTOR HUGO - Book Jacket Collection 
Victor Hugo often criticized French society in his writing, focusing on issues such as social injustice, corruption, poverty, prostitution, and female education. Each jacket contains the skeleton of a significant building from the story overlaid with a related image. The organic lines of the images contrast with the geometric form of the building plans to demonstrate the complexity and varying perspectives of the characters. ​​​​​​​  

Claude Gueux is about a man who committed murder while imprisoned at Clairvaux Prison for thievery. The cover shows the building plans for the prison, which was once an old abbey, and an autopsy report for the man he killed although it is truly the corrupt justice system that brings down an innocent man.

The original story of The Hunchback of Notre Dame strongly differs from Disney's animated adaptation. Victor Hugo's version is a story about social class, judgement, love, and religion. The lives of the diverse and tormented characters revolve around the famous cathedral in Paris. The Notre Dame Cathedral symbolizes several of the story's themes and is shown through two different sides: the architectural structure and the beautiful stained glass.

Les Miserables 
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